Recent Shoots

Valerie & Trevor

Recently shot a wedding for a friend of mine I knew growing up. Went to the same elementary, middle-school and even high school. 10 years later after graduating, I get a message from her and get the news shes getting married and asked me to be her photographer. Was an absolutely fun wedding to shoot and on a nice sunny day here in Sacramento.

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Sean & Maggie

At the beginning of this year very very close friends of mine finally tied the knot in San Francisco City Hall. It was a small little intimate wedding and only had a few people there. San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful building but extremely busy. Photographers everywhere, tourists, and workers walking all over the place. Anyways, enjoy!

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A New Beginning

2016 has been a tough tough year and 2017 is a new year, obviously. Join and follow me as I go on an adventure and try to break back into the industry. In the following weeks, I'll be posting some of the things I shot this year. Please bare with me as I continue to work on the website. Thanks! Anyways here's a preview of this years work. 

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